Hello, and welcome to Wild Way Round

I am Claudia, and I am currently hitchhiking the world

I am originally from Chile, from a South African family, and grew up in the Southern hemisphere for 18 years. Yet my desire to explore the Northern part of the globe had always been strong, and I was ready to ditch the sun, beaches and sand for none other than dark and gloomy Scotland. Call me crazy? Edinburgh became my home for 5 years, until the cold finally caught up.

Now I wanted to travel the world.

It all started in my cozy little flat in Edinburgh, with maps laid out on the table, inspirational books of explorers who had discovered beauty in the remote areas of the world, and motivational documentaries of professional hikers like Levison Wood and Michael Pallin who had even walked across a country.

After months of poring over maps, routes and books, I finally decided on a tentative route: Hitchhiking through the Caucasus. In September 2017 I flew to Georgia, and ever since I’ve been hitching lifts on the road and making my way across this fascinating region. So far I’ve spent 1 month exploring Georgia, and 1 month discovering Armenia.

My travelling style is that of a budget backpacker, but also of a hiker-lover. I camp and hike as often as I can, whether that be in a National Park or the side of the road. I also prefer quality over quantity. I’m not fussed about reaching high scores of countries I’ve visited; I’d much rather spend weeks or months in each place, and learn about its people and culture.

I love sharing my stories, the do’s and don’ts, and tips about the places I’ve been, so feel free to get in touch through my contact page. I’m bilingual in English and Spanish so am happy to get back to you in both languages.

Ta for now – and thank you for reading x