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So a little about me!

I’m Claudia, a third-cultured child who grew up flying across the world and have not stopped since. I have lived in Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Venice, Salisbury, London and Edinburgh (where I am currently based).

I’m an academic and a writer, with 3 unpublished novels on the way. Maybe after my travels I’ll end up in Tuscany finishing them up as I sip on an espresso in a beautiful piazza. Who knows?!

Over summer I will be packing my life into boxes and leaving Scotland with a one-way ticket to Georgia. I hope to be visiting the Caucasus region, take it one day at a time, and not plan too much in advance.

I only kick-started my blog in May, so please bear with me while I organise my blog and experiences, while learning the wonders of WordPress, and find my writing voice.

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Cities -> 123

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