New York


Countdown for New York begins!

I’m jetting off next Friday (not that I’m counting every day, hour, second…) to JFK. It will be my third time setting foot in the Big Apple, but if a man is tired of New York, he’s tired of life, am I right? (No, I’m not, that’s London you idiot). Let’s just say, same applies.

After a month in small town Edinburgh I am ready for the Big City, for the skyscrapers and the bright lights, and women who wear sacks and neon high heels and make it work.

So here’s 5 things I’m hoping to tick off my list:

#5 – Central Park – Yes, to be cliché. But more so because I happened to accidentally sign up for a half-marathon in Edinburgh the day I get back from New York (great timing), and I’ve not trained nearly enough. This, tossed in with jet-lag and Scottish weather is definitely going to be a challenge. SO basically I don’t really care so much about your lakes and greens this time, I just care that you manage to support my feet for some serious last-minute training and not kill me.

NYC !1new-york-city-central-park-1

#4 – Les Demoiselles d’Avignon – A bit of geekiness here, but once upon a time I wrote a very long University essay about this painting, and if anything is worth writing 10,000 damn words about it, then I think it’s worth seeing. Picasso, don’t let me down. I stopped sleeping because of you.

NYC4 avignon-museum

#3 – Avocado Bar – Because apparently one exists in Brooklyn, and who could ever miss it?? And they make everything with avocado, and when in the UK’s it’s a good percentage off a monthly pay check, we’re talking epicness, and we’re talking to the owners to see if they want to come back on the plane with me.


#2 – Fearless Girl – Because we’re talking Sassiness, and because as much as we love Leo in Wolf of Wall Street, Girl Power is so much better. Get out of the way, you big bull.

NYC2 05835044[1]

#1 – YALE – The whole reason I’m going to NYC is because my little sis is graduating from Yale (cheer cheer). So OK, not technically New York at all, and apparently New Haven is not much to rave about, but YALE! We’re talking serious Gilmore Girls here. And if it’s not everything Rory Gilmore has set it up to be, I’ll refuse to watch A Year in the Life. (I know. What’s wrong with me. I’m still on Season 5…).


What do you think? Does any one have fun tips for New York in Spring?


  1. Michael says:

    Claudie acabo de descubrir esto! Esta buenisimo, voy a estar siguiendo tus updates! Jajaja. Enjoy NY!

    1. Claudia says:

      Gracias Mikey! I was thinking of writing about breaking my wrist ice-skating, but I might leave that for another one jajaj

  2. Magdalena says:

    Mejor post ever!! Tení que hacer uno de tu viaje si o si con muchas fotitos. Yo cuando fui el año pasado pasé por un farmer’s market (muy de moda), me compré un muffin sin gluten, vegano, sin azúcar (sin sabor) y me lo comí en Central Park. Así que te lo recomiendo para hacerte un picnic rico y sentirte muy top. Ps: fuimos testigos de un pedido de matrimonio! GASP.
    Un beso!!
    Tu fan number 1

  3. Soph says:

    Jajaja I hope Rory doesn’t let you down sis!!

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